The Seven Inspirational Things Your Angels Want You To Know!   







The Seven Inspirational Things Your Angels Want You To Know! 





Open your mind. 

Open your heart. 

Open your senses.

Connect with us. 

We are here.





Trust in your unique way of connecting with us. 

Some of you can see us.  

Some of you can hear us.

Some of you can feel us.  

Open to the way of connecting that works best for you.   





Ask us for help. We can bring you support, peace, love, and healing.

We do not always take away your pain.  We often assist you in discovering your ability to heal yourself. 

When you are in discomfort, know that you are not the discomfort.   You are a divine being of wisdom, love, and light.





Open to the true love that you are.

Know that you are loved for who you truly are.





Celebrate your light! 

You are an amazing source of beauty and joy.   





Know that you are not alone. There are many other unique beings of wisdom, love, and light within the multiverse. 

Let your heart wisdom and love guide you to those who are in pure divine alignment. 





Trust your heart.

Trust your wisdom.   

Share your heart-wisdom, love, and joy with all. 





Joe Hurley

Author, Visionary, Multidimensional Communication Specialist, Healing Energy Consultant

Creator of The Arc of Being Teachings™ & The Divine Heart Collection

Founder of A Source of Light Publishing & Consulting 







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