My Prayer   








My Prayer



I ask the Holy Spirit to fill me.

I ask the Holy Spirit to fill all my relationships. 

I open and attune to the divine Holy Spirit.


The Holy Spirit now fills me.

Grace now transforms me.

Courage now sustains me.

My divine essence now guides me.


I am now open.

I am now awake.


I attune to divine grace.

I accept divine wisdom. 

I embrace pure unconditional love.

I open to my pure divine essence.


I sing my song. 

I sound my note.


This is my prayer.

I am free.





(An excerpt from Arc of Being: Volume 4.)



Joe Hurley

Author, Visionary, Multidimensional Communication Specialist, Healing Energy Consultant

Creator of The Arc of Being Teachings™ & The Divine Heart Collection

Founder of A Source of Light Publishing & Consulting 







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