The Connection Between the Conscious, Subconscious, and Superconscious



Many discussions are held regarding the conscious, subconscious, and superconscious minds and also about unconscious thoughts. We have heard about the superconscious in different contexts. But how does the superconscious relate to our thoughts and to creating what we desire to have in our lives?

Our conscious mind is the part of us that makes decisions and expresses what is to be impressed on the subconscious mind. It is that part of our mind that we are most aware of while in the awake state and it is that part of the mind that perceives all that is around us. It makes a decision or should make a decision whether it will accept and allow a certain image or information to be impressed on the subconscious.

Unfortunately most of the time, people are not in conscious awareness of what they are being exposed to and so alot of information that is not empowering or useful enters into the subconscious mind and then the person wonders why their life is as it is. This is where being in an unconscious state of mind enters. So you are in an unconscious mode while in a conscious state of mind.

The subconscious is like the powerhouse behind making a desire come into physical manifestation. It makes no decisions of right or wrong and accepts what has been impressed on it and creates from there. But the subconscious actually plays a bigger role in a person's life for the power of the subconscious actually comes through from the superconscious.

The superconsciousness is the God or Source energy. It is of a very high frequency. It is much higher than we would be able to handle or sustain in the lower vibration of our physical bodies. As we evolve through our lives, we are to learn how to handle the higher vibrations of this energy while maintaining the aspects of the physical body.

The subconscious acts as a governor that restricts or allows a certain amount of energy or power to flow through. It is affected by emotions and the emotional character of the thoughts we have.

So as our thoughts and emotions are of a happy, joyful nature, the subconscious allows more of the superconsciousness to flow through. If our emotions and emotional character of our thoughts are less than happy, then the subconscious restricts the amount of superconscious energy that flows through for it is less of a vibrational match and it would be harder on the body.

Have you ever seen a baby within the first 24 hours of its birth? Have you noticed how "pure" or "bright" or "filled with light" the baby seems? You are seeing a Being of very high vibration that has not had the flow of superconscious/God/Source energy restricted.

As the child is exposed to everyday life, the thoughts and feelings of lower vibration that the child is around becomes part of his/her energy field and that higher vibration is reduced. As the child grows and has even more exposure to messages from media and others plus its own thoughts and emotions that are not of a high vibration or happy nature, the vibration continues to lessen.

By the time the child is an adult, the vibration can be quite reduced, the person feels quite sluggish in their life and may also have feelings of sadness, depression, etc.

Now, what does this have to do with creating and manifesting in your life? When you are fully in non-physical form, you are then in an energy form of the superconscious/God/Source.

In this form, when you have a thought about something it manifests instantly. So the more that you have this superconscious energy flowing through you while in the physical body, the quicker your manifestations will occur.

The subconscious makes no decision whether to restrict or not the flow of superconsciousness energy to you, but instead allows to come forth the amount of energy that is a match to the emotions and emotional character of the thoughts that are present.

Maintain the higher vibrational frequencies in your thoughts and emotions and you will bring forth more of the superconscious/God/Source energy in your life and you will see wonderful things happen quicker in your life. This includes excellent health in your body, for the diseases, sickness, and other health issues which are of a low vibration can not be maintain in the present of a higher vibration.

Auriella O'Neill teaches & empowers people on how to use the power of the mind to create the life they desired. She is the author of The Divinity of the Mind: Writings for Inspiration and Empowerment. Find out how to be inspired & empowered in your life. 




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