You Are A Beautiful Light 







You Are A Beautiful Light


You are a divine being.

I invite you to access your true divine heart. 


Take a moment and unplug from any energetic impulses that may be taking you deeper into darkness, pain and suffering. 

Take a moment and set your intent to be free from any energy entanglements, attachments, and old ways that are causing discomfort.


Take a moment and access the intent that is within you to awaken. 

Open your heart to your reality that is beyond. 

Open your heart to a place that is your divine. 


In this place, connect with your divine knowing, your divine sensing, and your divine essence. 

Open and truly sense, feel, and flow, from within your divine heart pulse.


When your mind is overwhelmed and/or confused, you can always go into this pulse of your divine heart. 

When your heart is filled with sadness, sorrow, heaviness, or heartache, you can always go into this pulse of your divine heart. 


Your divine heart pulse is your center.

Your divine heart pulse is your nexus, connecting your human self with your divine essence. 


Center from within your divine heart and you become your divine essence in human form.

Center within your divine heart and pulse. 


Connect deeper within your divine heart pulse and attune to your divine plan.

You are here experiencing second, third, and fourth dimensional reality for a reason.

From deep within your divine intent you have a path. 

You are a purpose.


Open your eyes to the world around you and take a new expanded look.

Things are not what they have seemed. 


Sense and know your truth, your divine truth.

Sense and know your heart wisdom, your divine heart wisdom.

Sense and know your love, your pure divine heart love.


Remember you are in, but also beyond, this second, third, and fourth dimensional matrix. 

You are a part of the divine. 


Open to your divine heart and know who you really are.

Open to, see, and acknowledge the outside from within the divine place that is your inside. 


You are a beautiful light.







(An excerpt from Arc of Being: Volume 6.)



Joe Hurley

Author, Visionary, Multidimensional Communication Specialist, Healing Energy Consultant

Creator of The Arc of Being Teachings™ & The Divine Heart Collection

Founder of A Source of Light Publishing & Consulting 






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